Small Business Service Fuerst.IT | IT Service in Vienna

Most of IT solutions appeared as products designed for large companies first. Implementation of complex IT systems cost hundreds of thousands or millions of euros, required forces dozen consultants and last for years. Large companies keep on doing such vast projects. However, their functionality is available for small and medium-sized businesses today in the form of relatively simple commercial off-the-shelf with standardized processes and simple implementation, as well as cloud services.

For small businesses we offer following services:

    • Web Site development, domain registration, mailboxes, necessary certificates;
    • Hardware configuration and installing;
    • Software installation;
    • Hosting service for your data;
    • Consulting;
    • Cloud solutions.

              Your Advantages:

                • Build-up your IT infrastructure by professionals;
                • No costs for servers and ist infrastructure purchase;
                • Quick implement ion;
                • Fixed monthly payments;
                • Certified professionals;
                • The appropriate level of information security;
                • Technical support (CRM).