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Apple Support

From iPads to Macs, Apple products are as popular for business as they are for play. With an intuitive user interface, stable operating system, and a dynamic appearance, Apple products make and exceptionally reliable choice for use in the commercial sector.

Even the most stables systems hit a bump in the road, or need help interfacing with other systems. Fuerst.IT provides a wide range of Apple Support services ensuring the smoothest and most efficient operations possible.

We offer the following Apple Support Services in Vienna:

  • Configuration and service of your Apple Server
  • Service of your Apple Computers
  • Integration of Apple hardware into Microsoft infrastructures
  • Seamless connection of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS
  • Support with switching from Microsoft Windows to Apple Mac OS
  • Service for all Apple devices including: iMac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, etc.
  • Training and consulting
Our technicians are Apple Certified Technical Coordinators

Our service in Vienna can also assist you with routine maintenance such as backing up your data and updating your system. We also install and support networks, servers, and cloud platforms. From the simple to the complex, Fuerst.IT is available to help you install, set-up, maintain, and support your Apple products so you can focus on running your business with ease.